Srinivasa Ramanujan


" Srinivasa Ramanujan " was a great Indian mathematician known for his efforts in the field of Mathematics.

He was the man who knew infinity. He did not have a humble academic beginning but with his intuitive ability and a natural inclination for the subject of mathematics, he filled that gap. He was largely self- taught.

He possessed creativity of a different order. Numbers were like friends to him. He used to say, every number upto 10,000 was his personal friend, a unique number. Due to his ability he was able to master advanced trigonometry at a very young age. His command over trigonometry was so thorough that he created sophisticated theorems out of nowhere leaving people awestruck.

In spite of the fact that he could not perform well in other subjects, he made quite a remarkable achievement in the field of mathematics. He caused revolution through his new theories and formulas.

He never let his financial situation become an obstacle on his road to success. He used slate for his rough work and wrote only the result on the paper as the paper was costly and he could not afford it. He recorded and preserved results of all his works in the form of three notebooks of loose-leaf paper for future references.

Even at such a tender age, he fully understood the significance of a discovery and the need to preserve them. He was also invited to the University of Cambridge for his extraordinary researches. In this new place, he again had to struggle but for different reasons.

He strived to be better, therefore these new challenges did not affect him and he continued to climb on the ladder of success and recognition. . His researches are now helping physicists and mathematicians uncover the secrets of a few mysteries. He is an inspiration for those with ambitions, hopes and dreams and an epitome of perseverance and the will to follow one’s own path.