Mother Teresa


“If I ever become a saint- I will surely be one of ‘darkness’. I will completely be absent from Heaven- to light the light of those in darkness on earth”.

Mother Teresa, a name well known for her self-sacrifice, compassion and serenity, was a nun who dedicated her entire life for the poor and sick. She believed her duty to be God’s will.

She was a strong woman who had immense faith in god and patience and strength to walk on the path laid for her. She was a paragon of purity and selfless love. Through her actions she served those who were in dire need of her help and would have lost their lives if it weren’t for her. Without a single doubt, she was an angel who saved millions of lives and reflected the goodness of her heart by helping people. She was a wonderful example of how to live one’s life. The only thing she wanted was to meet and understand the needs of others. She devoted over 45 years of her life to help the poorest people of India.

Her example, in turn, was followed by many women, who like her wanted to become the Missionaries of Love by devoting their lives for the sake of the poor. She showered love and prayers along with the medicine and food to the destitute and was always smiling. She would say-“It doesn’t matter what we do, the only thing that matters is how much love we put into it”.

For her contributions, she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace and many other prestigious awards. She also became the most admired person of 20th century. But she never thought of herself this way. She would rather prefer to work from the shadows. She highlighted the importance of being patient and honored justice. As a teacher herself, she believed that teaching is not only about imparting knowledge but the soul plays a crucial part too.

Her life can be expressed with the quote by one of Poland’s poets: “The goodness is defenseless but never helpless. Goodness does not need any power nor does it any winning, as it is immortal.”