“ Books are lighthouses erected in the great sea of time ” — E.P. Whipple

Book fair is one place where you easily get to find a wide array of books of different genres, editions, interesting topics and fascinating titles. It is a paradise for those who love to read. They are organized on school, national and international levels throughout the year to expose readers to a large collection of unique and exciting books. Through these book exhibitions, we also get introduced to a number of new publishers and authors’ works as well which makes it simpler for us to check out recent books in the market.

What is our motive for organizing Book Fairs?

By coordinating a book fair we want to draw in a large reading crowd and our motive behind is plain and clear. We want people to read books. Books carry immense knowledge which if gained can help us in various aspects of life. Through it we can improve our skills and go through experiences that are experienced by someone else. Reading books takes our minds of petty things and help us think better. With reading comes joy and we want to share this joy with as many people as we can. For this purpose we put in our blood, sweat and tears to make our book fair an exciting event by setting up a wide collection of books ranging from competitive exam types to novels that can be enjoyed over a cup of tea or coffee.

We expect a book fair to serve as a means for social and educational gains. Those who attend these book fairs are sure to benefit themselves and if in turn they influence their peer groups and encourage them to read, it will make our efforts worthwhile. Education is a blessing given to us to develop our imagination and is a tool that can change our status quo. Therefore, it is our attempt to instigate young readers to read more and take hold of their futures and to spread this cause to their friends and family as well.