About Us

Who We Are

PK Events (Unit of Pritam Kulwant Events Pvt. Ltd.) is a Gurugram based national event organizing company. The company maintains its trust by delivering excellent results. It independently organizes events such as book fair, trade fair and crafts-mela.

The company premises its work on its three foundational pillars, that is, ENTERPRISE, EXCELLENCE and INNOVATION. With the three as its base and motivation, PK Events work to surpass its own expectations by drawing out positive feedbacks and delivering quality work.

What makes us different?

Unlike any other event organizing company, we work on our own impulse of organizing an event and with great zeal and determination put it into effect. As of now, we do not entertain requests for organizing events from outside. It is our own initiative for a minor social change.

We do not work for profit, we work for a cause. A cause for which anyone and everyone who has a thirst for knowledge and technology and an appreciation for it is a student in his own standards.

That is why, we make it possible for them to gather and meet like-minded people. Our purpose is to provide them a space where they can get curious for knowledge, and enhance and widen their knowledge spectrum through books and new technologies that are taking the world by storm.

Our Vision

We are constantly trying our best to provide pleasing and unique experiences through our book fair and trade fair events to people of all educational backgrounds.Through these cultural and educational events,we want to create a medium for the spread of education, culture and technology.

We want to get students to read more and encourage them to know and understand new technology. We want to promote education among students, therefore we hope to take our initiative to next level by organizing more national level events and accepting event organizing requests from third-parties as well, in the near future.